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The Rod Race - Road to Parco Del Brenta

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

3 exactly average anglers, 1200 miles, 2 weeks, 1 bucket list fishing venue.... The challenge has been set!

1lb in weight of fish caught = 1 mile in the bank. Seems simple right? Wrong! not when you throw in the challenge of travelling over 1200 miles within 2 weeks.


Matt Scoffham, Leigh Garfield and Lee Seddon, 3 exactly average anglers, are off on the challenge of a lifetime! all in aid of 2 charities close to their hearts, Macmillan Cancer Support and Fishing The Mind

The trip will be entirely self-funded or through the goodwill of fellow anglers and venues along the route.

The 'race' will commence from our very own Hurlston Hall Fishery on Friday 11th August 2023 where they will travel from venue to venue, including commercial fisheries, rivers, canals and park lakes aiming to catch enough fish to allow them to travel to the next venue. The goal is to catch over 1200lb of fish to allow them to travel the 1200+ miles to Parco Del Brenta in Italy where they will meet up with none other than Pete Castle as well as a raft of other anglers.

All donations received will be split solely between the two charities and you can donate here:


The aim is to raise as much money as possible and raise awareness for the chosen charities.

The trip will also feature on YouTube, Facebook & Instagram and of course, we will post updates here.

Please give generously!

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