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One Rig To Rule Them All...?

Is there such thing as a one-size fits all rig? The answer to this question has been on anglers minds for as long as fishing has been around. Innovation has seen advancements in materials, design, camouflage (another post on that in the coming weeks) and of course rig mechanics.

To me, fishing is about confidence, confidence in location, confidence in bait, confidence in rig and confidence in bait/rig presentation.

It's no secret as I tell everyone that will listen that I am at an all time low for fishing confidence at the minute, not from location, not from bait, but a crisis in confidence in my rig and presentation, so months of on and off research on how I can gain some confidence has led me to finding the multi-rig.

Like all rigs there are pro's and con's and the multi-rig has both, however for me its as close as I can find to a one-size fits all approach because of the versatility it offers. It can be made from supple braid or stiff braid. Fished on lead-clip arrangements or heli-rigs. Fished pop-up style, with wafters or even with bottom baits.

Is it the best in all these situations...? probably not. Do I care, absolutely not. And do you know why?? Because I have confidence in it, it can be adapted very easily and also I can change hooks, hook size and bait super easily meaning. It also happens to be one of the easiest rigs to tie up as well and the 'boom' section can be reused time and time again.

Carpology has a great rig-tying guide on it that can be found here:

I plan on fishing this rig for most of my fishing this year including my annual trip to France which I'll share (my hopefully successful results) with you all once I'm back.

In the mean-time me and my go to rig are off to try and land some UK specimen's.

The ever popular Ronnie rig is also a firm favourite, however I prefer the mechanics of the multi rig on a semi-stiff braid rather than a Ronnie on a stiff boom. With a multi rig, you can always tell if you have been 'done' too which is a great piece of knowledge.

If the bait and braid is pulled tight up to the eye of the hook, chances are you've been done!

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