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We will release the video of the netting soon but here are some captures and a bit of information about the netting while we go through 3hrs of filming.


We kicked off at 8am pushing any fish in Summer bay out of there and began the process from the shallows. One thing that was clear was that the treatment of the silt is working and the deepest spots found were no more than 5 inches in certain areas.

We successfully removed 4700lbs worth of silvers of which the money from the sale of these will be going back into the fish fund and a few more additions which you will read about later. 25 carp under 12lb which have gone over to our stock pond where we will feed and grow on. There were a large amount of 16-19lb fish along with confirmed weighs of 27.4lb downwards (and this wasn't FREDDIE 😎), we are pleased to announce that we have over 25 fish over the 20lb mark some of which are still unnamed. All of which looked in great condition bearing in mind the summer we have had.

Our Tench have been confirmed to go to 5lb and over along with our Perch stock going over the 4lb mark too.

A further netting will take place in November in order to continue to reduce the number of silvers and replenish the lake with Tench. In addition to the new Carp and Tench we will be adding Pike into the lake in order to add some winter sport to the lake in addition to the large amounts of Perch we hold.

With the stock arriving in October and December we are sure that this time next year we will have over 40 x 20s and a few low 30s.


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