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How's It Fishing?

A question that we get asked regular is "How's it fishing?" so here's an angle from an angler that had never seen the lake before October 21 and only wet a line in the water at the start of this year.

It became apparent having seen the number of carp counted in the netting that there was enough fish in Hurlston to nick a bite on queue. As with most runs waters, and the very reason why we are pushing the grub to go in so much, there is not enough to go around. We are obviously sorting the bio-mass on the lake but we are a long way from sorting that out so it remains a runs water.

The bonus of the food going in? Bigger weight, recaptures are already putting on weight. Getting fish used to visiting the spot for their food...ooooooops was that a rig!

I've now fished Hurlston on 6 occasions, where I have quite comfortably, and some of the bailiffs will vouch for me on this, know I am going to nick a bite.

So, what am I doing differently? Nothing but my normal confident approach. How many times do you get up early for a trip and rush to the swim of your choice, rush to get a rig in the water or even pub chuck into the abyss. Well I've learnt the hard way from all the rushing around, listening to others and forgetting that I can catch fish, I can angle well and I can make the most trips when my busy life allows.


On a recent trip to Les Quis in France (October 21) with Team Pallatrax I was asked to join a fellow, we will call him X, on the bank for a week of filming. What became the worst couple of days of my fishing life, enduring sessions of being told what to do, how to do something, then back again. I'd had a mid-double Mirror and lost one quickly after the I upsticks, moved lakes, switch back to my confident rigs, watercraft and bait application. I was greeted with a beautiful 43lb 14oz Two Tone mirror carp from Old Lake.

I moved lakes again to Long Lake for the final 16 hours and was treat with another 40lber and a mid 30, both Mirrors. The moral of this is be confident in what you do, if it's not broke why try to fix it?


So here is my approach to Hurlston and I hope it helps you catch...

  • Walk the lake - they will give themselves up. Check out the Rushes or watch for Plumbs of Silt

  • Speak to other anglers, find out where they are having fish from and depths

  • Look for signs of life in areas of the lake that aren't commanded by lines in the water

  • Trickle some bait into likely looking spots. I wasn't shy on some of the spots that I wanted to visit in the later stages of my session.

  • Always have a roving rod, the amount of fish that are caught from a quick cast to the activity, likewise on Hurlston, this works too.

  • PVA Mesh bags around 10 x 11mm pellets in each with some pellet dust/crumbs

  • WAFTERS!!! Get on the house Wafters, the fish are going mental for them at the minute.

  • The lake bed is relatively flat so I like a Fluoro rig of some sort. Mine favourite is the D-Rig with a bait screw to balance the wafter over the hook. Again, something that I have every confidence in.



Well, we couldn't tell you as it changes from day to day. Last week, Florin fished Peg 25 and had 20 fish in his first 48hrs and a further 3 on the second 48hrs.

So how's it fishing asks Adam?

"Sh*t! But 2 days ago this fella called Florin smashed it, the pressures changed and they've gone moody" "But, what you gonna do go home or find the fish" I tipped Adam a wink and he went in Peg 30 and caught 3 or 4 fish in a 48hr session.

Pic: Florin's 21lb Common now known as "THE FISH WITH NO NAME"

Yes, he called it that!

Why did Adam go in that swim? I'll never know, well until he tells me when I see him. I'm going to hazard a guess though. He scoped out his usual favoured spots and was CONFIDENT in catching from that swim. Whatever you do next session, all I ask you to try is BE 100% CONFIDENT in everything you do, don't settle for THAT'LL DO! Settle for THAT'S A BITE!!!

See you on the bank people!

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