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Exciting news..our booking system is changing!

We have some exciting news to share with you all, the way you book fishing at Hurlston Hall is changing.

From 7pm tonight (Tuesday 7th June 2022) all of our fishery bookings will now be completed through the Catch App.

Setting up your account with Catch couldn't be easier and they guys have even sent us a how-to guide whoch can be found both on our Book Now page and here:

Download PDF • 11.37MB

We're really excited about the changes as the app offers some amazing features and will help Hurlston Hall Fishery become one of the best venues in the North West to fish.

So what does that mean for Members and Membership moving forward?

In a message to all current members, Matt Scoffham had this to say:

Dear All;
We are really excited for the future of Hurlston Hall Fishery and HF Baits. We hope you guys have been impressed with the changes and improvements we have made to the fishery already, and this is just another step in ensuring a successful future at Hurlston Hall.
We have been monitoring the number of empty swims on the bank over the last few months and we have come to the decision that we will be opening Hurlston Hall Fishery to none members with immediate effect.
Any members that have bought a membership since January 2022 will have the opportunity to take the amount paid against your membership against ANY 2022 fishery booking, simply call up and book a session with myself or Leigh to compensate for your membership cost of this year. Please note this credit can be redeemed any time in 2022 to the value of each membership held.
Our rules will continue to look after the fish and the fishery so rest assured this will not open up a “free for all”. We will still be strict when it comes to these rules with everyone that walks through the gates.
We have joined forces with CATCH and our bookings will run through their app or their website from now on. You will still be able to get to the bookings via our website however there are some impressive features in the CATCH APP to make it easier for us as a fishery and also for you the angler. Some of you will already have the app if you visit Clear Water, Linear to name a couple already on the app.
Both myself and Leigh welcome your views, please message us, call or email.

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