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What's new at Hurlston Hall Fishery

Since myself (Matt Scoffham) and Leigh (Garfield) took over the day to day running of Hurlston Hall Fishery we have always had an end goal, to be one of the premier lakes in the North West for multiple species specimens. So as we move into the 3rd month since we took the reigns, it is hopefully clear that we are working hard not only at the lake but behind the scenes to ensure maximum enjoyment with limited fuss when you arrive at Hurlston.

You will now see that as you walk through the gate now you are greeted by the lake itself, on top of that you'll now see we have a seating area for you to have a natter with the staff onsite. And then there's the chippings, 8 ton and counting! Leigh has been busy with some help from the bailiff team and some of our volunteers.

We're a long way from the finishing line however we hope that our current and future members can see the difference we are trying to make.

Future developments at Hurlston will continue to come thick and fast, however, as the banks become busier we aim to improve on stuff through the week when it's less busier.


With food back at Hurlston we'd seen an increasing number of members taking advantage of the good for value, home cooked food. Why not give something a try when you're next at the fishery.


Tight lines!! We hope to see you on the bank soon!

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